Law areas:

-  Company establishment, mergers, organisation of annual general meetings and other forms of meetings, management of contractual documentation
-  Legal representation in business negotiations, lawsuits, national arbitrations
-  Patent protection, protection of utility models, protection of commercial interests
-  Bill of Exchange Act
-  Insolvency law, restructuring, debt payment
-  Company liquidation

-  Representation in the area of criminal law, particularly in economic crime and the related areas, assistance in both initiated proceedings and precautionary measures, criminal proceedings prevention

Management areas:

-  Providing services in the area of establishing a business in the Czech Republic as well as in the selected foreign destinations (tax optimization for operational or ownership purposes)
-  Property and asset management
-  Finding suitable business partners
-  Conducting in-depth independent audits, SWOT analyses, market research and studies
-  Crisis management, cost cutting

Finance areas:

-  financial and investment counseling, administration and settlement of debts, debt purchase or debt unification within the joint procedure (offered in special cases), optimization of liabilities

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